Auto-Blip works with most makes/models, provided that the vehicle has a manual transmission & an electronic accelerator pedal. Please note some known exceptions below in red. We highly recommend that you consult with an experienced mechanic with knowledge of your specific make / model for  installation and comprehensive support.

Auto-Blip is available to provide basic installation support not specific to make/model:

Monday – Friday from 9A-3P CST; contact us at 1(713)289-4015 or


Installation / user manual Downloads


What is the heel-and-toe driving technique?

Heel-and-toe is a technique used mostly in performance driving, although some drivers use it on the road in everyday conditions. It involves operating the throttle and brake pedals simultaneously with the right foot, while facilitating normal activation of the clutch with the left foot. It is used when braking and downshifting simultaneously and allows the driver to blip (open) the throttle to raise the engine speed and smoothly engage the lower gear.

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